About Us


The Israel Gerontological Society has been established in 1956, witnessing a phenomenal, unprecedented rate of population aging in Israel, as well as around the world. This “demographic revolution” has its specific characteristics in Israel. During the last 50 years, the Israeli society has undergone an intensive aging process, in which the rate of the elderly has multiplied by four, from 4% in the 50’s to about 12% of the population.

IGS is a voluntary organization which serves as a framework for research and academic institutions, organizations, services and agencies dealing with the subject of aging in Israel. Among the members of IGS most are from the professional community of gerontologists. The events it organizes (conferences, seminars, etc.) are attended by thousands.

IGS consists of four sections:

  • Social gerontology and behavioral science
  • Applied gerontology
  • Medicine and health
  • Biological gerontology

The society’s governing bodies include a board, an executive committee and officers who are specialists in the different areas of gerontology and head the four sections of the Society.

IGS is a member of the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics and active in its European section. IGS has close ties and cooperates on specific projects with governmental, public and private organizations and universities in Israel and abroad.

Ongoing activities of IGS include (i) publishing a quarterly journal “Gerontology and Geriatrics” (in Hebrew, with summaries in English); (ii) biannual IGS meetings (since 1976) that also host guests from abroad; (iii) initiating and organizing interdisciplinary conferences, seminars and regional meetings, organized in cooperation with academic institutes in Israel and abroad; (iv) awarding prizes and honorary certificates for outstanding research projects and paying respect to individuals for their contribution in the field of gerontology.

Any donations for the advancement of IGS goals and activities are welcomed and will be highly appreciated.